One New Boyfriend Dungeon DLC Suitor Was Designed by Ikumi Nakamura

The Secret Weapons DLC brings new suitors and music to the dating sim.

Boyfriend Dungeon is getting three new dateable weapons as part of a free “Secret Weapons” update, one of which was concepted by Unseen founder and ex-Tango Gameworks artist and creative director Ikumi Nakamura.

The Secret Weapons DLC was announced during the Future of Play showcase today, and gave all three of the new suitors in the dating sim/dungeon crawler mashup a quick chance at spotlight. The two we knew were coming are Leah, who can transform into a hammer, and Jonah, who can be wielded as an axe.

The third surprise character is Dr. Holmes, who turns into a whip in the dungeon area. This is the character based on a concept by Nakamura and is voiced by YouTuber Loserfruit. Nakamura seems to be in a collaborative period in her career, as she’s also working with the team behind Paradise Killer on something.

“Designing Dr. Holmes was an exciting job for me,” says Nakamura in a press release. “The character was created through conversations with Tanya [Short, Kitfox Captain and Lead Designer] and the team, and several ideas were developed and vetted. It was an honor to be involved in a game with such a diverse worldview as Boyfriend Dungeon. I was able to communicate with Tanya, the director, and understand the concept behind the Boyfriend Dungeon. It is truly an honor to be involved in indie development like this, and it is often exciting and educational to work and talk with the creators. We hope you all enjoy the new downloadable content.”

Check out the trailer below:

All of that’s very exciting, but speaking personally, the thing I’m most excited about is that the update will come with three new songs composed by Marskye, with vocals from Madeleine McQueen. Boyfriend Dungeon has probably one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time, and getting more from these two is a perfect cherry on top of new content for the game.

I really loved Boyfriend Dungeon when it came out last year, but I did feel like I was hoping for a little more dungeon with my boyfriend, if you catch my drift… no, I mean I just wanted more dungeon crawling.

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