Norman Reedus Spent Death Stranding Weekend Liking Weird Tweets

He sees you when you're tweeting about poop bombs

Death Stranding is a weird ass video game, but star Norman Reedus seems to be into it.

Reedus, who plays the main protagonist Sam Bridges, is not only the voice, but the face of Death Stranding, a game that requires its player character to salvage his own urine and other bodily fluids for self defense. That on its own is a lot to unpack, but Reedus apparently gave Kojima Productions a lot of free rein to do whatever they wanted with his likeness. It hasn’t taken fans long to notice.

But while fans are out here tweeting about all the weird shit the Walking Dead actor can be seen doing in this game, Reedus is watching all of them talk about it. If you check out Reedus’ likes on Twitter, you’ll see he seems to have been name searching himself as people are reacting to Death Stranding in real time. Not only is he watching all the debauchery, he’s also throwing hearts in the general direction of anyone willing to point out all the wild things that are both required to progress through the game (like peeing as a game play mechanic) and things you just happen to stumble upon and notice. A few of these things have included diagnosing his bowel movements and watching him drink branded Monster Energy Drinks…to then use peeing as a game play mechanic.

It wasn’t all weird stuff though. There are a few examples of people genuinely enjoying Reedus’ performance in the game, which I’m sure he’s grateful to see after all the tweets about his character’s bodily functions.

Reedus seems to have put a lot of faith in Hideo Kojima and his team to have let them go to such lengths with his likeness for Death Stranding. This makes some sense considering the two have a working relationship going back to his time at Konami, where he was set to play the main character in Silent Hills. Unfortunately that game was cancelled, but not before a playable teaser was released that people are still discovering more about to this day.

To make matters worse, on top of all the strange things I’ve seen in Norman Reedus’ likes tonight, I haven’t even played this game yet so I’m still trying to piece how all of this nonsense comes together in the end. If I don’t understand all of this soon my brain might short out as I try to fathom how Death Stranding came to be. I might cave in and throw down the cash for it soon, but since I didn’t pre-order it would probably do me some good to follow these step-by-step instructions on how to acquire a video game that is the current hotness without having paid money before it came out. Alternatively, I could buy it on PC when it launches over there next year, which gives me a ton of time to actually build my own gaming PC. Or, if I’m really lucky, some kind strangers on the internet might be willing to help me acquire a copy.

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