Nixxes Joins PlayStation Stable as Latest Acquisition

The Dutch PC porting studio will now work exclusively for Sony.

In yet another social media news blast, PlayStation Worldwide Studios head Hermen Hulst has announced that PC porting studio Nixxes has been acquired by Sony.

Unlike a lot of other recent PlayStation acquisitions like Insomniac a few years ago or Housemarque earlier this week, Nixxes does not make original software like a Ratchet & Clank or a Returnal. The Utrecht-based team mostly did mercenary work to help get games over the finish line and, for the last decade or so, was primarily Square Enix’s PC porting studio for games like Tomb Raider, Avengers, and Deus Ex.

It is likely that Nixxes will continue doing a lot of that same work in the future, especially as Sony has stated a desire to port some older PlayStation first-party exclusives to PC. By adding Nixxes to their portfolio, the Dutch studio can do faster and better PC ports with expertise that the original developers may not possess when it comes to PC hardware and audience preferences.

Like they did with Killzone: Shadowfall, Nixxes will also likely participate in their aforementioned final-stretch development to get games to their end goals. It probably benefits Sony quite a bit to have a studio always on call that knows their engines well enough to help prevent any last second delays.