Nintendo Switch Joins 21st Century By Enabling Bluetooth Headset Use

Like any self-respecting portable device should.

When Apple thought it had “courage” for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, what I didn’t realize this meant at the time was that I was going to have to have two distinct sets of headphones on my person if I wanted to use both my phone and other devices with audio output. Sure, there was an option to use an adapter to plug my wired ones in like I had before, but those things are ridiculously small and easy to lose. So I ended up going with a Bluetooth headset, and you will seldom find me without it around my neck. However, when I got a Switch, I completely overlooked that the system didn’t support Bluetooth audio output and that the plug-in Apple headphones I used to use to listen to music and watch videos with were no longer readily in my pocket. That realization came as I was sitting in a college classroom and wanting to play a little Battle Chef Brigade before class started. Well now, Nintendo has finally added an update to the Switch that will let users pair Bluetooth headsets to it as any respectable portable device does in the 21st century. Four years after it launched.

The new feature has its own tab in the Switch’s system settings if you download the latest firmware update that went live last night, and the setup is as simple as you’d expect. Just put your audio device in pairing mode and it will show up as an option. I’m testing it out as I write this, and luckily there doesn’t seem to be any audio delay, which is something I kind of fear as a rule when the PlayStation Vita’s Bluetooth pairing had a noticeable lag, making it difficult to play rhythm games like Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight or watch videos and cutscenes that were at all audio reliant.

In other news:

Better late than never, I suppose. And if it’s one less reason for me to have to carry around two headphones when traveling or just not being at the house, that’s good enough for me.


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