Nintendo Switch eShop Struggles to Stay Online Through Holiday Traffic

If Santa left you a gift card, you may have to wait to use it.

The Nintendo Switch eShop is predictably popular on Christmas Day, and it’s left the service inaccessible for most of December 25. Some players are reporting problems redeeming gift cards, downloading games, and updating software as Nintendo confirms its servers are experiencing connection difficulties.

As is a yearly tradition, one or all of the major platform holders experience connection woes as waves of new players scramble online with codes to redeem and systems to update. So far, it looks like Nintendo is the only one with significant outages,  and it’s been that way for hours. On Twitter, Nintendo noted it’s aware of the downtime and is “working to address the issue as soon as possible.” There’s no specific ETA, though.

You may be waiting a while if you’re trying to connect a brand new console for updates or redeem a gift card. Nintendo’s eShop server status page has left the same message up without an update so far, and it looks like servers went down at 1:04 am PT. You may not be able to download anything new, but you can still try any singleplayer games Santa may have left in a stocking last night. If you’re looking for a recommendation, New Pokemon Snap and Shin Megami Tensei V both made it into my Game of the Year list.

Hopefully, you’ve got a little something to hold you over until Nintendo can get things back up and running, and given the supply chain issues, let’s all just stop and be grateful we’ve got a system to complain about for now. Outages are pretty common this time of year, but as a heads up for Christmas 2022, update any console gifts you have beforehand. After years of working in retail, I reckon I told everyone buying a console in November and December to take it out, update it, tape it back up, and wrap it for Christmas Day. Sure, you’re opening someone’s gift, but I promise they’ll thank you later.