New Nintendo Direct Announced For September 2019

The Direct will focus on Switch games, especially the upcoming Pokemon and Luigi's Mansion titles.

Nintendo fans will get their first general Nintendo Direct since E3, as the company will have a new iteration of the video announcement series tomorrow. Nintendo shared via Twitter and other social media that there will be a new Nintendo Direct held on September 4th at 3:00 PM PT.

This direct will be approximately 40 minutes, according to the announcement, and will be focused on Switch games. Specifically, Nintendo noted it’ll be talking about the upcoming games Pokemon Sword & Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3. These hotly anticipated games are the next in the company’s tent pole franchises, especially Luigi’s Mansion, which hasn’t seen a new title since 2013. As core titles, Sword & Shield also introduces plenty of new Pokemon and gameplay features. Via Directs, the official website, and other social media tidbits, information about these games has been trickling out since its initial announcement in February.

While Nintendo typically does have lengthier segments about such pre-announced games, it’s more common for them to cover a larger amount of ground with these sorts of Directs. New indie games that will be made available in the Nintendo eShop commonly make appearances. In quite a few cases, games and demos have been dropped during the announcements; we’re not sure which games are hopping onto the Switch, but we’re sure we’ll see at least one game dubbed “Available Now.”

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It’s easy to spend a lot of time on cool new indie games, but Nintendo also isn’t afraid to make far bigger announcements during these Directs. Major titles such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate,  Animal Crossing and the forthcoming Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening title have been unexpectedly announced via lengthier Directs. In short, fans are always kept on the edges of their seats whenever a Direct is announced, because pretty much anything can happen.

Even before the Direct was announced, there’s been plenty of speculation about what Nintendo has in store. Already, an Overwatch Switch case was leaked on Amazon, only to be removed immediately after. This has had fans in a bit of a riot online, because either that means Overwatch is coming to the Switch in some form, or Nintendo and Blizzard really just want to make money wherever’s possible.

If you’re interested in watching the Direct to see what’s in store, you can check it out live on their Twitch or YouTube channels, Wednesday at 3:00 PM PT (or 6:00 PM for us east coasters).


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