Nightwave Series 3 Makes Warframe a Noir Murder Mystery

The pseudo-Battle Pass has a tentative release date.

If you’ve been playing Warframe at all lately, then you know Nightwave Series 3 has been a long time coming. The free, story-driven Battle Pass of sorts has been on “intermission” for a while. And players have been asking when the next installment will land. Well now we know, at least vaguely, thanks to a work-from-home devstream by developer Digital Extremes. Nightwave Series 3 is coming — and it’s going to feature a noir murder mystery about victims turned to glass.

Update 1: Digital Extremes announced via livestream that the Nightwave Series 3 release date is “hopefully next week.” This means it is (presumably) coming on the week of May 11, 2020. In the meantime, the developers are releasing a trio of in-game events for five Nitain Extract, an Orokin Catalyst blueprint, and an Orokin Reactor blueprint to tide us over.

Update 2: The new release date for Nightwave Series 3, officially titled The Glassmaker, is May 12, 2020 on all consoles! The news comes from the description on a teaser trailer for the new update which you can watch below.

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It’s more than just aesthetic choices, though. Warframe is introducing an entirely new gameplay quirk on top of Nightwave this time. This will include a “diorama” of the crime scene for you to investigate for clues — in first-person. It sounds a bit like the scene reconstruction mini-game from the Batman: Arkham Asylum series. That shouldn’t be too surprising for Warframe fans, though. While it’s a pretty big change of pace for the game itself, Digital Extremes has never shied away from putting its own spin on other popular game mechanics. See the recent Kuva Lich update, which is definitely just the Nemesis System from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

That’s not to say this isn’t exciting. Nightwave Series 3 sounds like it’ll arrive with good reason to come play the game again. It also comes hot on the heels of Operation: Scarlet Spear. This Warframe event was the first introduction of “Operation Link,” yet another new feature that allows players in different squads to work together across the in-game solar system. But the whole thing has been plagued with balance issues and criticism — as even the developers acknowledged pretty candidly.

While Scarlet Spear is set to end on May 14, Nightwave Series 3 is meant to land in Warframe in “the first or second week of May,” according to Digital Extremes PR. Though the latest intermission is already set to end on May 3. Digital Extremes has always had a pretty loosey-goosey update cadence, and you kinda just have to expect expansions to get here when they get here. It’s a long-running source of surprise (and sometimes frustration) for players.

Hopefully this will go a ways towards tiding folks over until the next really major update, though. The developer has plenty more announced Warframe expansions — The New War and The Duviri Paradox — to get through eventually. And the understandable shift of TennoCon, the annual Warframe expo, to an only-online affair probably put a damper on fans’ plans to hang out together. But TennoCon is still happening digitally, and will presumably include even more news about the game going forward, if trends in past years continue.

Until then, Nightwave Series 3 is at least trying yet another new, different thing in Warframe. We’ll just have to see how well this one works out. We’ll know for sure sometime in May, when we get the final Nightwave Series 3 release date and details.


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