NieR Fans Rejoice Over a Deluge of New Franchise Announcements

NieR fans, we eating good tonight.

If there is one class of people currently powerful enough to defeat the bourgeoise right now, it might just be NieR fans. Just kidding, haha… unless? Okay, I’ll admit: as a NieR series fan, I got a little carried away there. But one thing is for sure: NieR fans have plenty to be happy about this weekend amidst all the bad news in the world.

Earlier this morning, Square Enix finally announced that a remaster for NieR Replicant is currently being developed. The remaster is titled NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… which certainly gives all Kingdom Hearts titles a run for their money. The remaster is being developed by Toylogic and produced by Square Enix, and is currently slated for release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

In case you might not know, the NieR series is a spin-off of the Drakengard series. NieR Replicant is the Japanese PlayStation 3 counterpart to NieR Gestalt, which was released on the Xbox 360 in Japan and on multiple platforms internationally. They are both NieR, the same game, but there is one key difference between the two that changes dynamics and the emotional resonance of the story. NieR Replicant is the story of a young man named Nier who sets out to find a cure for his sister Yonah, who has been inflicted with a terminal disease known as the Black Scrawl. NieR Gestalt, which is simply known as NieR in North America and Europe, is mostly that same story aside from the fact that Nier is an adult man looking to cure his daughter Yonah.

This change, Square Enix later revealed, was because they believed younger Nier would appeal more to the Japanese audience while older Nier would appeal more to Western audiences. While NieR was praised for its music, characters, and intriguing story, one of its greatest criticisms was its gameplay. Nonetheless, it became a cult classic and beloved enough to get an unexpected sequel all these years later.

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NieR is the predecessor to the extremely popular NieR: Automata, which was released in 2017 and brought critical acclaim to the franchise on a level it hadn’t had before. NieR: Automata, which had its gameplay developed by the esteemed PlatinumGames (best known for developing Bayonetta), was widely praised for its battle system in addition to just about every aspect of the game. It went on to lead to the release of several short story collections, as well as a world orchestral tour. As a result of its success, fans of the original, which was released all the way back in 2010, have been asking for a remaster. Square Enix listened and has confirmed a few exciting details already, namely:

  • It will be fully voiced (the original was not).
  • Yosuke Saito, the producer of the series, doesn’t know if there will be a new ending.
  • Keiichi Okabe, the composer of the series, has re-recorded all songs and even added new ones.
  • There will be a new character.
  • Yui Ishikawa and Natsuki Hanae, the voice actors of 2B and 9S in NieR: Automata respectively, will play a small role in the remaster; it is unknown whether they will be reprising those characters in some fashion.
  • Takahisa Taura from PlatinumGames is involved in the remaster.

Thank you to Twitter user HDKirin for the translations of the Famitsu article.

But that’s not all that was announced today! Square Enix also announced the development of NieR Re[in]carnation, the first mobile game in the series. It is being produced by Square Enix and developed by Applibot. The official site has revealed it will be released on iOS and Android devices.

A Degenki Online article of the announcement has further information on the key staff members:

  • Producer: Yosuke Saito
  • Creative Director: Yoko Taro
  • Main Character Design: Akihiko Yoshida (CyDesignation)
  • Concept Art: Kazuma Koda
  • Music: Keiichi Okabe
  • Development: Applibot
  • Planning/Production: Square Enix

Lastly, the NieR Twitter account announced that NieR: Automata is coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 2, making it the perfect time to try out one of the best video games to ever exist (in my humble opinion). Your first Game Pass subscription costs a mere US dollar, with every subscription after that costing only $5. It’s hard to think of too many better deals right now than this one.

Kinda says something that the series in the post-apocalyptic universe is giving human beings more happiness than the real world, huh?