New The Suicide Squad (The Movie) Trailer is Fun as Hell

This ain't your dad's Suicide Squad from 2016

The first trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad has dropped, which is great! Really! I’m just a little bit disappointed. Not because of the movie itself, no, no. But when I heard people on Twitter last night talking about a new Suicide Squad trailer today, I thought it was about the upcoming Rocksteady game. That’s kind of on me.

The trailer, which for some reason can’t be embedded by choice, is a lot more lighthearted than the usual DC fare, which I personally find pretty appealing. It definitely has a Guardian of the Galaxy vibe, which makes sense, considering it’s from director James Gunn. It’s also a soft reboot, so they’re throwing a “The” in front of the title rather than a “2” at the end.

The Suicide Squad will, in theory, hit theaters and HBO Max on August 6.