New Pokemon Snap Steals the Show During Today’s Pokemon Presents

The fan favorite spin-off has been dormant for 20 years.

Today, Game Freak and Nintendo held a Pokemon Presents presentation to talk about new projects in the franchise alongside the launch of the Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC “Isle of Armor,” and it went in a few surprising directions, including the announcement of a long-requested sequel to an old favorite from the Nintendo 64 era.

First up was Pokemon Smile, an app that uses Pokemon camera filters to gameify brushing your teeth for kids in a way that will give them more incentive to do things that will help prevent their teeth from rotting out. It’s available now for free on Apple and Android devices, and should be helpful if you’ve got a kid who needs it, or you’re a 27-year-old who is willing to try literally anything that a company slaps a PIkachu on.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game where you run a cafe that Pokemon visit, and you can recruit these customers to help you run the place, as well as expand your cafe and menu to attract new Pokemon. The game also has a pretty interesting hand drawn art style that differentiates itself from other games in the franchise. It’s coming to Switch and mobile devices “soon,”and will be free-to-start with in-game purchases.

Pokemon Snap, a much-beloved Nintendo 64 game where you take photos of Pokemon in the wild, is getting a sequel on Switch called New Pokemon Snap. There was a brief trailer alongside confirmation of the game’s development, but no release date or window was given.

Pokemon Go had an update as well, which confirmed that Mega Evolution is coming to the app in a future update.

Pokemon Sword & Shield’s “Isle of Armor” DLC is available now, and to celebrate the launch, Game Freak is hosting a special Max Raid Battle with Zeraora, and if one million players take part and defeat Zeraora, all players will get a shiny version of the Pokemon as a gift. This special event will begin today and run until Sunday, June 28.

The showcase closed with confirmation that another Pokemon Presents will be taking place next week on June 24. You can watch the full presentation here:

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All of these different projects in the works, and apparently there’s more news to come in just a week? The Pokemon machine never stops, it seems. Along with all these games and apps, it’s also worth keeping in mind the series’ anime is also in the middle of some major developments, as the current season called Pokemon Journeys recently entered an exclusive streaming arrangement with Netflix. It seems like Pokemon and Netflix are cozying up to one another, as not only did the service get exclusive rights to the new show, but it also had exclusive rights to stream the remake of Pokemon: The First Movie called Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution earlier this year.