New Kirby Game Leaked from Nintendo’s Website


Very often, announcements from Nintendo Directs leak early. Usually it’s a human issue — a video going live early, trailers having already been uploaded and peeked on by people with access, etc. — but it’s just kind of the nature of preparing marketing for something that shouldn’t really be that secretive. That’s the case with today’s Direct, as Nintendo themselves has accidentally revealed a new Kirby game seemingly ahead of a reveal later in the day.

On their Japanese schedule website, a listing for a new Kirby game roughly translated to Kirby’s Dream Land Discovery has been added for early 2022. The image shows Kirby standing in front of what appears to be an abandoned or destroyed city covered in moss.

The schedule also puts other known 2022 titles like Splatoon 3 and The Sequel to Breath of the Wild on the timeline. Bayonetta 3 is also on the list, but it seemed very unlikely that’s coming this year, anyway.

Today’s Nintendo Direct airs at 3:00 PM PT.