New Avengers Patch Shows Player IP Address On Screen

The developer is currently asking players not to stream the game.

To say that Marvel’s Avengers has had a bumpy start might be an understatement, but things have been mostly smooth sailing for the superhero-filled service game since its next-gen re-release earlier this year. There’s no such thing as a never-ending streak of good news, though, which brings us to the latest patch for the game and the mistake that has prompted Crystal Dynamics to ask people not to stream the title until it’s fixed.

Patch 1.8.0 went live today and includes a new Cosmic Cube event, streamlining Mega Hives, and other improvements and new events. On PS5, it also included a glitch wherein a player’s IP address is shown on the screen while they’re online, which you pretty much need to be for all content outside of the single-player campaign.

While the official account just calls this a “floating string of text,” having access to someone’s IP address can help someone figure out their general location, degrade their services, identify their internet service provider, etc. It’s not a social security number, but you still don’t want people watching a stream with that info front and center.

Crystal Dynamics has said they will issue a hotfix tomorrow at 8:00 AM PT, but in the interim, they ask for players not to stream the PS5 version online.


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