New Armored Core Title May Have Leaked as Next FromSoftware Game

The new title seems to lean on the developer's more recent genre excursions.

Fans of mech/a action games may fondly remember the Armored Core series, FromSoftware’s premier giant robot third-person shooter anthology that hasn’t seen a proper entry in just shy of a decade. With the studio’s conversion to a mostly Souls-focused development house, Armored Core fans have mostly given up on seeing a new title after three Dark Souls, a Bloodborne, a Sekiro, and soon an Elden Ring established their heading. Well, at least until a recent survey with supposed screenshots seemed to indicate otherwise.

Over the weekend, a user named Red Liquorice on gaming forum ResetEra made a post in the forum’s FromSoftware speculation thread stating that they received a consumer survey about a new Armored Core game. The survey included screenshots, footage, and a text description which detailed FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki’s involvement and fast-paced high-flying combat.

Which alone is a pretty good confirmation that Armored Core is coming, but images of text are easy enough to gin up, and the user rightfully explained that the watermarked images would be difficult to post without it leading back to them. It turns out, though, that the internet has use a Souls maxim out-of-game: If there’s a way to exploit something, exploit it. In this case, Red Liquorice exploited heavy use of the blur tool.

That, and the other screenshots at the link, sure look like Armored Core! With Elden Ring coming out just next month, and the usual timing of consumer surveys with this much media provided, it seems likely that 2022 will be a big year for fans of FromSoftware.