New Apex Legends Character, Revenant, Debuts in a Violent Bait and Switch

The edgelord has arrived.

We finally have our first, official look at Revenant, a long-rumored Apex Legends character. Although you might not have realized it. Developer Respawn Entertainment “hid” the spooky new legend’s introduction in its latest (and somewhat violent) “Stories from the Outlands” trailer. In the video, the recently announced new legend named Forge is apparently eviscerated on live TV by the much edgier Revenant.

Yes, Apex Legends just revealed its latest hero with a very literal interpretation of the “teleports behind you” meme. I’m not so sure about the tone of the video myself. I prefer Apex Legends when it’s more Bugs and Daffy and less Itchy and Scratchy. But to each their own, I guess! It’s admittedly a very cheeky way to announce a new character — particularly one that fans knew was coming for months.

You can come to your own conclusions by watching the video yourself below.

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It’s also not entirely clear what this means for Apex Legends Season 4. Was Forge just a bait and switch all along? Or are we getting two new Apex Legends characters at once? It would be a first for the game, which has so far put out just one DLC character per season so far. Forge certainly appears to be one big punchline by the end of the video. But Respawn plays pretty fast and loose with what “death” actually means in this universe. While he and Revenant would be the first duo we’ve gotten in the game since launch, Forge wouldn’t be the first character to die on-screen in marketing material.

That being said, it seems somewhat definitive this time. As soon as the new video dropped, EA’s official page for Apex Legends Season 4 was updated to say “RIP JIMMIE “FORGE” MCCORMICK” and “your champion has fallen.” And while it originally noted that he was undefeated, prior to entering the Apex Games, it now notes “except for that one time” under his grayed out character image.

And so, for the time being, our money is on Revenant being the latest (solo) Apex Legend. And based on their introduction, it seems like the “hero” focuses on stealth, teleportation, and/or melee attacks using a cybernetic arm. What that actually means in a gameplay context is anyone’s guess. But it could be an interesting addition to the roster — even if Respawn is leaning a little hard into the grimdark this time around.

We’ll find out for sure by Feb. 4, 2020. That’s when Apex Legends Season 4 hits the game properly. In addition to the “mysterious Legend” now mentioned on the website, this season brings a new bolt-action sniper rifle called the Sentinel. Players will also be able to enjoy the original map, King’s Canyon, partway through the season from March 24 to May 5. We’ll be sure to update you of anymore surprises once the time comes.


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