New ‘Alchemist’ Warframe Finally Revealed – Meet Lavos

You can expect to play with his "arm snakes" in 2020.

Today’s Warframe devstream revealed a number of upcoming additions to Digital Extremes’ moistest robot ninja simulator — including the name of the game’s next Warframe, Lavos. Previously codenamed the “Alchemist,” Lavos is, appropriately enough, an alchemy-themed Warframe that was first revealed during this year’s TennoCon 2020. They were shown alongside another upcoming character at least temporarily named Wraithe.

The design of Lavos design incorporates flasks and moving snakes all over its body, giving him a bit of a mad scientist Gorgon vibe. Lavos is the 45th Warframe to be added to, well, Warframe, and will be released somestime later this year. Developer Digital Extremes doesn’t usually get more specific than that!

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On that note, the studio didn’t shed much more light on what role Lavos will fill in the game. We’ll probably need to wait right up until his uncertain release to get that. Though the last ‘frame released in the Heart of Deimos context expansion, Xaku, was a highly mobile type that increases damage against enemies. They’re also uniquely effective against one of the game’s enemy factions. the Sentients. Lavos seems to have a much sturdier build, and those snakes seem perfect for sticking weird concoctions into foes. Perhaps that’s some clue about their powers.

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But the studio is famously fond of naming their characters after mythological figures, with Warframes like Wukong, Oberon, and Nyx all drawing from various legends and religious traditions. Lavos seems to buck this trend — instead, he shares his name with the time-spanning parasitic antagonist from Chrono Trigger. In that game, the name “Lavos” was given to the creature by the prehistoric humans in whose language it meant “big fire.” The Alchemist’s name might be an homage to Chrono Trigger, a corruption of the Spanish “la voz” (“the voice”), or simply a total coincidence.

What we do know is that Lavos will be, appropriately, “thematically based around alchemy,” and that there will be gameplay featuring the class “in a future devstream.” The team did not provide further updates about Wraithe, implying they’re probably further off than the alchemist.

Heart of Deimos will see further expansion with a version 1.5 update, dubbed Deimos Arcana. This could be in reference to the Arcane Enhancement systems (endgame gear for hardcore Warframe players). Though the team mostly went over quality-of-life and balance changes. Perhaps the most exciting addition is another type of Necramech — heavy duty robots players can ride into combat as of the last update — called the Bone Widow. Though Warframe director Steve Sinclair doubted this would be the final title for the machine. They sure do take names seriously over there!

Other details in the devstream include a Deluxe skin for the Warframe Mirage, the introduction of a new enemy called the Splitter, a Halloween themed seasonal event, and Nezha Prime as the newest extra powerful Warframe variant. You can check out the archived stream on YouTube.


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