NEO: The Worlds Ends With You Demo Accidentally Announced

The demo probably ends at a pre-determined point, most likely.

For fans of The World Ends with You looking forward to its upcoming sequel, I have good news: a demo is coming for NEO: The World Ends with You! This is official from Square Enix!

But bad news: Square Enix pulled the tweet announcing it so who knows when that will actually be!

A tweet from the official Square Enix Twitter account read “Shibuya’s a pretty big place to explore in NEO: The World Ends with You.” It continues, “You’ll be able to visit iconic locations, wear the latest fashion and eat some of the tastiest foods on July 27th.”

Attach to the tweet was a video covering and expounding on much of what was in the text, but it ended in the words “Play the Demo now!” Presumably this video launched a bit too early, as Square Enix has since deleted the tweet. But on the plus side, it means that a demo for the game will eventually come later.

The anticipated sequel to the Nintendo DS title will release on both Switch and PS4 on July 27. A PC release will follow later in the summer.


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