Neo: The World Ends With You Trailer Pins a July Release and a PC Version

And also cool vibes.

Neo: The World Ends With You was announced kind of out of nowhere last year and Square Enix has been relatively silent about the sequel to the cult-classic DS game since then. After a few months, the publisher has sent out a new trailer that not only shows new footage, but explains the story concept, gives a release date, and announces a PC version.

You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer itself establishes a similar conceit to the original The World Ends With You, with multiple teams of humans trying to survive a reaper game in Shibuya and now Shinjuku, two major neighborhoods of Tokyo with heavy emphases on fashion and music. It also appears that Neku, the protagonist from the first game, makes an appearance, though clad in a hood obscuring his identity.

The game launches on July 27 on PlayStation 4 and Switch with a PC version (seemingly exclusive to the Epic Game Store, much like the Kingdom Hearts PC ports) coming with a less-definite Summer 2021 date.