Coach And Michael B. Jordan Are Launching A Naruto-Inspired Fashion Line

The enthusiastic anime fan is joining Coach for what sounds like a dream collaboration.

It’s well-established that Michael B. Jordan is a massive anime fan. But now, he’s using his name and cultural power to bring Naruto to the most well-known fashion brand in the world: Coach.

Yes, there are now actual Coach products with Naruto references on them, brought to you by the man who portrayed Killmonger in Black Panther (who was correct, by the way).

In the “Coach x Michael B. Jordan” line, the companies are collaborating with Viz Media, which holds the rights to Naruto, for Jordan’s first venture into fashion. According to a press release, the line is “inspired by his cultural influences and community, his love of Naruto, and his passion for bringing unique voices to the forefront.” The pieces will be unisex, with both footwear and bags represented in the collection.

“With my name on this collection, it was important to design pieces that represent my cultural influences and my community; pieces that I could see my friends, family and fans wearing with pride,” Jordan said in the press release. “As with all aspects of my work, this collection is about bringing fresh perspectives and unique voices to the forefront.”

And what’s been described so far sounds nifty:

Product ranges from parkas, jean jackets and pullovers to backpacks, utility packs and hybrid sneaker boots. Infused with technical details like removable sleeves, tactical straps and elastic closures, it also features imagery of characters from Naruto, as well as the series’ trademark “eye” motifs reimagined with Coach’s Retro C graphic.

If you’re dying for the collection, the good news is: it’s already up on the Coach site. Of course, given it’s Coach, the prices are a little high for the everyday anime fan. You’d need to deprive yourself of Crunchyroll for a few years to save up enough for some of these pieces.

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The bad news is, it seems everyone else is dying for the collection, too. Several items are already sold out. Thankfully, it seems like there’ll be some more pieces rolling in soon, so keep an eye out for those (if, again, you can afford it).

Of course, the internet is on board with Michael B. Jordan’s love for anime. During his press tour last year for Black Panther, fans dug up his passion for the regional cartoon genre. And if you dig through his old Twitter, you’ll see him constantly referencing his favorite shows. Take his love for Naruto, for instance:

And during the press tour, when he was asked what his guilty pleasure is:

I mean, we’re Fanbyte. We’re not judging. We’re on board, too.

You can pick up the Naruto/Michael B. Jordan line on the Coach website now.


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