N64 Pokemon Snap Heads to Switch Online, No News on Blockbuster Kiosk Locations

In a world without Blockbuster, Nintendo Switch Online adds the N64 Pokemon Snap to its library.

The N64 Pokemon Snap release is headed to Nintendo Switch Online on June 24, available to those of you with the Expansion Pack version of the service. And while that’s a well enough cause for celebration, I am distraught over Nintendo’s apparent decision to not revive long-dead video rental chain Blockbuster and launch thousands of Pokemon Snap Station kiosks around the world.

Just kidding — not distraught, just struggling to deal with the reality in which I cannot go touch some grimy Blockbuster kiosk a million other ten-year-olds had their hands on so I can print out some overpriced Pokemon stickers. The N64 Pokemon Snap release still holds just as much appeal for me as it did back then, and this emulated Switch release is probably enough to hook us Snap-starved folks for the month. Take a peep at another weirdly smooth N64 game in this new trailer.

In an era where I actually hate the idea of touching anything in public, it’s probably for the best I can’t have my out-of-frame Mew stickers. I loved those damn things though, so much so that I’ve written about my experience almost buying a Pokemon Snap Station (twice). There’s a whole ridiculous vintage market out there for those reloadable Pokemon Blockbuster cards and kiosk paper, and I’m among the folks who longingly scroll through Ebay listings feeding on my nostalgia.

Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, it’s another paid subscription unlocking DLC for games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart, plus a library of Nintendo (and Sega) retro titles. That N64 section of its digital library has been slow-growing, but Pokemon Snap joins a few other decades-old favorites like Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Yoshi’s Story, and Paper Mario.

The Expansion Pack service was pretty mediocre at launch, and even more recent releases like Kirby 64 saw game-breaking glitches. However, the NSO add-on has slowly seen some performance improvements through updates, and with a growing library plus Pokemon offering, I think I’m ready to bite. Again.