Motion Capture Footage Isn’t Much, But it’s More Skate Than Fans Have Had in a Decade

Take solace in the fact that the game is being made.

Full Circle, the new EA studio founded specifically to work on the next Skate game, has released a video to reiterate that, yes, it is, in fact, working on a new Skate game.

The video, aptly titled “We’re Working On It,” features developers working on the game from home, as well as some motion capture sessions to get the skating animations right. And that’s about it. It’s next to nothing, but it’s more than Skate fans have had in…11 years.

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Full Circle already confirmed it won’t be taking part in the EA Play presentation happening this week, and if this is all the studio had to show right now, that’s probably fine. But between this, Bioware’s confirmation that it won’t be part of the event, and that EA won’t have any Star Wars games to show off, the event’s line-up is looking sparse headed into Thursday. Although it sounds like Dead Space might be seeing a revival.

The Skate series has been dormant since 2010’s Skate 3, which was developed by EA Black Box during its height from 2007 to 2010. The franchise lasted for three games, as well as a spin-off called Skate It for Wii, DS, and mobile. Until now, as EA founded an entire studio to work on a fourth game last year.