‘Surprise’ MHW Monster, Safi’Jiva, Gets a Siege and ‘Awakened Weapons’

The so-not-a-Safi'jiiva was slipped into the latest update, and for a limited time, you can hunt it as a Siege for exclusive, useful loot.

After a giant update yesterday, eager hunters in Monster Hunter World found more than they bargained for. Players could sign up to take on the new tundra region in Guiding Lands, but one more mission popped up on their radars — a recon mission for a “mature” Xeno’jiivia. Which is totally not Safi’jiiva, by the way. Because the Guild hasn’t “formally” named it.

But more to the point, the MHW devs announced a new upcoming “Siege” featuring the totally not Safi’jiiva in a multi-stage mission to Kulve Taroth before it. And if you manage to kick its absolutely not Safi’jiiva at all tail, you’ll get some pretty neat loot out of it: transforming armor and new “Awakened Weapons.”

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First, as mentioned, the developers already released a “recon” mission. This is meant to act like a warm-up before the Siege actually begins. This mission already began yesterday, on Dec. 5, 2019, with the release of the “secret” monster. Like earlier recon missions, you won’t necessarily slay the mature Xeno’jiiva. That’s for the Siege. Though you will get a couple goodies and a new resource called Dracolite. That will come in handy for the Awakened Weapons you get from the real mission down the line.

Speaking of which: the actual Siege on the mature Xeno’jiiva begins Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 (about a week from today).

The MHW developers gave a bit of a massive tip about the monster’s abilities — namely, its self-healing. (Sort of!) The adult Xeno’jiiva finds pockets of energy around the land; when it runs low on health, it absorbs this energy. Basically, until it uses up all its energy pockets, you’re set just chasing it around. However, it’ll go down a level on the map once everything runs out, down to where there’s no more energy pockets. That’s your time to finish it off!

If you manage to push your way through and destroy the possibly-but-maybe-not-a-Safi’jiiva, there’s some cool and useful loot waiting for you on the other side.

First is the armor set. It actually looks pretty dope! But while it looks awesome on its own, a unique set bonus transforms it into a “second form” with your weapon out, which honestly looks twice as slick.

The Siege also introduces a new type of weapon that’s meant to appeal to everyone — literally. These are the “Awakened” weapons, which are nearly fully-customizable in stats and type. After you complete the Siege, you’ll receive at least one Awakened weapon matching your currently equipped weapon weapon type. That is, if you do the fight with a Long Sword, you’ll get at least one Awakened Long Sword to choose from, and so on. You’ll get more choices of weapon depending on the Siege’s reward level.

You can appraise the weapon (just like Kulve Taroth gear) in order to attune it to a certain element or status type. Otherwise the stats are identical across the board for each type of weapon… at first. You’ll use Dracolite, obtained during the Siege, to fuel a mini-lottery of abilities you can apply to the weapon. If you don’t like your choices, you can “store potential” by passing on the randomly rolled perks altogether, giving you higher chances to roll rarer skills next time. You can only select up to five total perks this way, but can roll them back later if you so choose.

The Awakened weapons are endlessly upgradable (you can roll for new perks with Dracolite infinitely) as well as customizable. If you find an ability you like better later, you can always swap out these abilities.

The bad news for newcomers is that you need to be Master Rank 24 or higher in order to start even the Safi’Jiva recon mission. However, the developers stated that the siege will return at a later date, so maybe you have time to gear up before maybe-it-really-is-the-Safi’jiiva returns!