Monster Hunter Rise Ships Five Million Copies


I remember a time not so long ago when Monster Hunter was this strange, foreign thing that most in the west didn’t really get. It had its ardent supporters, but was largely considered to be a series that excelled in Japan and wasn’t built for western sensibilities. It’s an interesting time to remember as Capcom sends a press release saying the newest Monster Hunter game has shipped five million copies in under two weeks, topping the 70 million shipped number for the series as a whole.

Now, as always, it’s important to delineate between shipped and sold. The five million number Capcom gives here is how many the company has sold through a combination of digital, which are in consumer hands, and physical, which may or may not be in consumer hands but have been sold to retailers. Basically, this does not mean that five million copies of Monster Hunter Rise are being played right now, but it’s probably close enough.

It’s a pretty good indication that the popularity the series gained after Monster Hunter World is largely transmutable from different platforms, since Nintendo consoles did not get any version of the more open-world Monster Hunter game but is largely outselling the prior Switch game, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. By Capcom’s own numbers, at least 1.4 million of the sales have come from Japan, so the series shows no sign of declining in its home country.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on the Nintendo Switch and will be available on PC next year.


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