Monster Hunter Rise Has Free Updates on the Way Before It’s Even Out

Chameleos is, ironically, the most visible of "several new monsters" coming in April.

Chameleos is making its way to Monster Hunter Rise — just not in time for the release date. The game isn’t even out yet and Capcom is already assuring fans that the Nintendo Switch title will get the same free update treatment as Monster Hunter World. The first such title update, which includes the invisible and venomous Elder Dragon Chaemeleos, will arrive in “late April.” In other words: a full month after the game’s debut.

It seems like a short wait for such a big update. Especially since Chameleos won’t be alone. The first title update for Monster Hunter Rise also promises “several new monsters” in this first batch. The trailer which showed off the chameleon creature then caps off with a mysterious roar. It’s less mysterious if you played Monster Hunter 4 or its derivatives. The scream sounds a lot like Gore Magala: the mothlike, catlike monster that spews a unique ailment called the Frenzy Virus. In Monster Hunter lore, the Gore Magala later “evolves” into an even more fearsome beast called Shagaru Magala (another Elder Dragon). If we get one, it would stand to reason we’ll see the other.

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New monsters is always exciting enough. However, the first title update will also expand Monster Hunter Rise with an unlocked HR cap. “HR” in this case refers to “Hunter Rank,” which is a sort of badge of experience in the series. Higher levels are good for bragging rights. Though certain missions are also historically gated behind your Monster Hunter HR. It’s actually surprising to hear it won’t be uncapped when the game first releases. Not that we’ll need to wait long regardless.

Even further down the road (i.e. at an unspecified date and time) Monster Hunter Rise will get future title updates with even more monsters. The game’s roadmap also mentions “etc.” on the list of upcoming features, but it’s anyone’s guess what the hell that means.

Either way, the game is already dipping deep into the well of weirder creatures from the series’ catalogue. Chameleos is an oddball Elder Dragon not seen in MHW. Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala — if they are being added — also have unique mechanics related to the Frenzy Virus. If you, as the hunter, get infected, you need to go on the offensive within a very short window. Failure means taking more damage. But if you succeed in striking the beast enough times before a timer ticks down, you actually get a boost. It’s a nice little status effect also not seen in MHW.

Maybe some newer, stranger zones will also be in order, like we got periodically after the release of Iceborne, the expansion to MHW, to go with some of our new foes. Only time will tell! But it won’t be much time if this first follow-up is any indication. We’ll be able to theorize, speculate, and beg a whole lot better once the full game releases on March 26, 2021.