Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Save Not Possible Right Now, Says Capcom

You won't be able to bring your Switch save to PC.

This year’s Switch debut of Monster Hunter Rise is one of the biggest console releases this year, setting sales records for Capcom just one month after release. That means, of course, that next year’s PC version of Rise will have a number of Switch owners looking to upgrade with pre-existing saves. Unfortunately, according to Capcom, this isn’t going to be possible.

On a tweet from the official Monster Hunter account, Capcom confirms that the development process does not allow for cross-save between Switch and PC for Rise specifically. This means that anyone buying the game on PC will have to start over from a fresh save. This is not necessarily new for Monster Hunter fans, who suffered the same fate with 2018’s Monster Hunter World and its delayed PC version as well. In that case, a lot of PC owners simply used cheat tools or the like to give themselves the armor they rightfully earned on consoles.

The “why” is a better question here, though. Switch and PC games have shared a number of cross-saves games — HadesDivinity: Original Sin 2, and Witcher 3 to name a few. As mentioned, the same thing happened with World, so there appears to just be something about the way Capcom codes their Monster Hunter games that thus far has not made an avenue for this possible or a priority.

Personally, I’m a little less enthused to pick up Rise on PC knowing I’ll have to start over from scratch. The game’s “massive” expansion, Sunbreak, was revealed at the most recent Nintendo Direct for release in Summer 2022. The PC version will arrive months before that on January 12, 2022.