Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Update Has Me Reaching for My Hunting Horn

Let's get loud on these new Elder Dragons while we farm some Layered Armor, folks.

It’s looking like a damn fine time to hunt. Monster Hunter Rise Title Update 1, or Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 as developer Capcom calls it, will slam the Switch game with new monsters, armor, weapons, and features. In other words, it’s exactly the reason I need to start playing again after the disappointing endgame at launch.

This still doesn’t add a true ending to Monster Hunter Rise. That’s apparently coming in Title Update 3, which we now know arrives at the end of May. But it will give me much to work for after milking the game for all its worth while I reviewed it. Things like Layered Armor crafting, the Hunter Rank grind, and straight-up more challenging monsters are precisely the things I need in a Monster Hunter game.

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Let’s break down the very basics. Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 will include a whole batch of new monsters. Meanwhile, some existing monsters will be unleashed from the tower defense-y Rampage mode to fight in the field. Apex Arzuros, Apex Mizutsune, and Apex Rathian are some of the toughest beasts in the game at the moment. Though they were exclusive to the Rampage at the start — sucking away some of the challenge. Now you can hunt them in the field alongside a glut of returning Elder Dragons. Those include Kushala Daora (an infuriating wind dragon), Teostra (an explosive chimera), and Chameleos (an invisible chameleon that steals in-game items and spits poison). Finally, there are two new Apex monsters: Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos.

Eagle-eyed viewers might also notice that the Monster Hunter Rise roadmap includes the promise of simply “more.” My money is on Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala at least. The first update trailer included a Gore Magala roar at the end. And Shagaru Magala is an evolved, Elder Dragon form of the smaller monsters. It would be odd to include one and not the other.

Beyond new monsters, some features include an unlocked Hunter Rank cap. Once you beat the launch game story, you’ll be able to level up your hunter to take on more challenging quests. This is also when you unlock Layered Armor crafting. The latter requires a new resource called “Outfit Vouchers.” While it’s not yet clear how to receive these, I assume it will be tied to endgame monsters as in previous titles, such as fighting the Apex beasts out in the field.

Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap

If you really want to change your appearance, this update also adds Edit Vouchers to the game. This consumable is a one-time use item that changes your whole hunter’s look: including gender presentation, voice, etc. There will also be new stickers and gestures (i.e. emotes) available for money and from the first batch of Event Quests. These quests will be playable offline, just like in previous portable Monster Hunter games. Some of them might even add new weapons and armor! If it wasn’t clear, those are also coming via the new monsters. I’m particularly excited to smoke some Old Toby on these wyverns with the Chameleos gear.

The rest of the changes are more minor. All that really matters to me, though, are more endgame baddies to bash. There wasn’t much reason to keep playing past the last story mission in Monster Hunter Rise. That might seem normal in most games, but Monster Hunter is all about mastering challenging fights over time (and playing dress-up). Happy as I was to get the game early, it was also torture to burn through it for review before all my friends. Now this update specifically gives me a reason to go back, grab my Hunting Horn, and slap the squad with Health Recovery (L) until a big monkey falls over. Hell yeah.