Mixer Co-Founder James Boehm Departs Microsoft, Joins GamerGoo Board

The founding COO for the stream platform now helps lead a hand antiperspirant brand, and has other plans in store.

While Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer marches towards growth, one of its co-founders seeks it elsewhere. James Boehm, one of the founding partners and a former COO of the company, announced his departure today. He announced that he’d joined the board for GamerGoo, plus has several ventures and investments underway.

“I’m proud of my achievements with the Mixer team and my time at Microsoft,” he said in a press release. I’ve learned so much from so many talented engineers and designers; it’s such an amazing team and I’m so humbled to have been a part of it.

“I’m excited about the future of the Mixer platform, but now I’m giving my focus to new projects I’m involved in, with the aim of continuing to develop the industry and its communities.” He posted his comments on the departure in a thread of tweets. He also explains that he’ll still support the Mixer community “through streaming, attending events, and actively participating in all things gaming worldwide.”

The first choice of change is interesting, as GamerGoo has garnered an interesting reputation. The product is a scented antiperspirant aimed at gamers to prevent slippery hands during gameplay. Its name is part of why many know the product at all, but apparently… it works as advertised? So it should be an interesting “games peripheral” addition to Boehm’s portfolio. He claims to have other investments and ventures on the way as well, so there’s certainly more to come.

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Boehm’s success with Mixer is not a light achievement. Mixer was founded in 2014 as Beam in 2016. They won the TechCrunch Disrupt NY startup competition in 2016, releasing a public beta in the midst of the competition. After the victory, the platform was picked up by Microsoft, which many believed to be a direct response to the dominance of streaming rival Twitch (which was bought by Amazon in August 2014 for $970 million).

Since then, Mixer has grown a solid reputation among both aspiring and professional streamers. Its main standout feature is the severely-chopped latency, dubbed “faster than light.” The stream and chat have such little delay that streamers see their chat messages near-instantly. The Mixer community is known to be less toxic, with far more enforcement of community rules by a more on-top-of-things staff. There are also several more interesting features such as co-streaming, mobile streaming, and “HypeZone,” a discovery tool.

Its most public achievement to date is the acquisition of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who agreed to a full switch from Twitch to Mixer exclusively as a partner this past summer.

Of course, in true influencer-culture form, he ended his announcement thread on Twitter with a giveaway for some high-end computer parts. You can take the man away from the influencer, but you can’t take the influencer instinct from the man.


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