Mimikyu Has Achieved its Goal of Being More Popular Than Pikachu

But Greninja is more popular than any of them.

On this Pokemon Day 2020, Mimikyu is officially more popular than Pokemon mascot Pikachu.

This is according to an official “Pokemon of the Year” poll by The Pokemon Company, which amassed over 6 million votes over the month of February. The results have a few surprises, and maybe even a few upsets, but here are the top 30 most popular Pokemon, as voted on by fans:

1. Greninja
2. Lucario
3. Mimikyu
4. Charizard
5. Umbreon
6. Sylveon
7. Garchomp
8. Rayquaza
9. Gardevoir
10. Gengar
11. Dragapult
12. Tyranitar
13. Bulbasaur
14. Toxtricity
15. Lugia
16. Rowlet
17. Aegislash
18. Chandelure
19. Pikachu
20. Eevee
21. Luxray
22. Decidueye
23. Zoroark
24. Lycanroc
25. Corviknight
26. Flygon
27. Hydreigon
28. Sceptile
29. Blaziken
30. Snom

Frankly, this list is kind of all over the place. There’s a pretty decent spread across different Pokemon generations, legendaries, starters, and then just randos that stumbled upon their high ranking like Corviknight. I love that bird dearly, he was a staple of new Sword & Shield party and will continue to be when I play the game again for the upcoming DLC packs, but I’m surprised to see him ranked within the top 30 Pokemon of all time. But Pikachu, the original mascot, and Eevee, who has become a sort of pseudo secondary mascot over the past few years, are coming in at 19 and 20 respectively. This is under some dark horses like Toxtricity and Aegislash, and of course, Mimikyu, who might not be terribly surprising, but is still notable because it means that little ghost has achieved its dream.

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For those that don’t know, Mimikyu is a ghost and fairy-type Pokemon that wears a Pikachu costume in hopes of being as beloved as the Pokemon mascot one day. According to the Pokedex entries for it, whatever Mimikyu looks like under the costume is terrifying. A scholar apparently saw what Mimikyu looks like and died. That’s canon. There have been a few references to Mimikyu’s real appearance in various Pokemon media, including a scene in the Detective Pikachu game where the titular sleuth looked underneath the rags, then the game cut to black as Pikachu let out a scream.

So while Mimikyu might still not be as cute as Pikachu underneath it all, it has finally accomplished its goal of being more loved than even Pikachu himself. Greninja winning? Yeah, that’s a bit of a surprise considering most people’s money was probably on Charizard or Pikachu to take the top spot, but Greninja is also a starter Pokemon, a Super Smash Bros. mainstay, and generally well-known and loved thanks to his appearances in the anime and in the Detective Pikachu movie. But Mimikyu lore is literally rewritten today. So let’s celebrate that.

While that’s the overall ranking of Pokemon from every region, the Pokemon Company also did individual rankings for each generation. Here’s the top five of each:

1. Charizard
2. Gengar
3. Bulbasaur
4. Pikachu
5. Eevee

1. Umbreon
2. Tyranitar
3. Lugia
4. Typhlosion
5. Scizor

1. Rayquaza
2. Gardevoir
3. Flygon
4. Sceptile
5. Blaziken

1. Lucario
2. Garchomp
3. Luxray
4. Piplup
5. Infernape

1. Chandelure
2. Zoroark
3. Hydreigon
4. Volcarona
5. Haxorus

1. Greninja
2. Sylveon
3. Aegislash
4. Noivern
5. Goodra

1. Mimikyu
3. Decidueye
4. Lycanroc
5. Zeraora

1. Dragapult
2. Toxtricity
3. Corviknight
4. Snom
5. Alcremie