Imagining a Pop Star Bidding War For Midsommar’s Dress Will Get Me Through Today

Only one can be crowned the May Queen.

In times of quarantine, we must latch onto whatever distractions we can so we don’t have to think about the state of the world or the fact that we’ve spent 95% of our time this past month in our homes. I don’t know about the rest of you, but today I’m latching onto the idea of filthy rich pop stars Ariana Grande and Halsey getting into a bidding war over the May Queen dress from last year’s cult horror film Midsommar.

For those that haven’t seen the film (even as a person who has a fair bit of issues with its portrayal of manipulation and groupthink, I have at least thought about it frequently since I saw it in theaters), this dress is given to protagonist Dani Ardor at the end of the movie to signify her crowning as the May Queen, a high honor given to her by a cult she, her boyfriend, and group of friends are visiting in Sweden. It’s adorned with 10,000 flowers, and Dani is seen wearing it in Midsommar’s final moments. Even despite the horrors happening in that movie, it’s a gorgeous piece, and Florence Pugh dressed in it, staring down her character’s unfaithful boyfriend is an image burned into my memory.

A24, the distributor of the movie, is holding an auction of props from various movies, such as Uncut GemsThe Lighthouse, and of course, Midsommar, to raise money for various non-profits, including Food Bank For New York City, Queens Community House, and in the case of the Midsommar selections, The FDNY Foundation. Among the Midsommar props is a complete replica of the Dani’s dress, and while the auction doesn’t begin until April 27, some high profile individuals have already expressed interest in throwing a bid in the direction of the dress, in particular.

Ariana Grande, the pop star who you might know for her radio dominance, huge vocal range, and also gross history of “blackfishing,” took to her Instagram story to share her excitement at the prospect of buying the dress, saying she was “already planning to have it made anyway,” when it was brought to her attention.

One pop star of this caliber having a moment about this and implying they will be partaking in the auction when it goes live on Monday is significant enough, but it turns out Halsey seems to have her eye on it as well, according to her Twitter.

While the “Bad At Love” singer seems to be dealing with an inner struggle about whether or not she will throw down the cash to have this dress ready to go for whenever she can perform in an establishment with a large group of people again, who among us hasn’t told ourselves we wouldn’t buy something expensive and irresponsible due to our love of a property only to do it anyway?

But since only one of them can win the auction, might we suggest the bedazzled Furby from Uncut Gems as a consolation prize? No? Yeah, I wouldn’t want that in my mansion, either.


Kenneth Shepard

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