Microsoft is Reducing its Cut on Windows PC Game Sales

Devs will make more per copy sold when games are bought through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox brand a lot lately, which is natural because the Xbox Series X/S just launched and that requires a lot of time and attention. But the company says it wants to have a strong push with Windows PC gaming. As such, the company is reducing its cut of game sales on the platform to entice developers to develop for and sell their games through Windows.

This news came as part of a post on the Xbox Wire, where Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty said developers will now receive an 88 percent cut for games sold on the Microsoft Store. Originally, developers received 70 percent for every game purchased. The change will be official starting August 1, so if you’re looking to support developers with any purchases through the Microsoft Store, maybe hold off a bit until they’ll get the additional 18 percent. It doesn’t appear this change will be implemented for Xbox console games, and Microsoft hasn’t explained why. So developers putting games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are likely to still be receiving a 70 percent cut on consoles.

That 70/30 split is pretty much industry standard. Microsoft, as well as Sony and Nintendo, receive a 30 percent cut for any game sold on their respective consoles. Although some platforms like Steam have a decrease in cuts at certain revenue thresholds. The change for the Microsoft Store on PC puts it in-line with the Epic Games Store.

In other news:

The Xbox Wire post also confirms that Halo Infinite, which is still lacking a release date as of this writing, will support cross-platform play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This will also include cross-platform progression, meaning you’ll be able to keep all your customization options should you decide to hop from PC to your console. Which is somewhat a practical decision as you won’t have to shell out the cash for the game twice, as its multiplayer will be free-to-play.