PSA: If You Need to Farm Dracolite, Better Sign Into Monster Hunter Soon

Get a few sieges' worth of that good, glowing rock all in one gulp.

To farm Dracolite in MHW is to know suffering. Monster Hunter World introduced the substance alongside its big, new siege monster: Safi’Jiva. And ever since it has been one of the banes of my existence within the game. More than the angriest Raging Brachydios, or the deadliest Gold Rathian, I fear this foe. And if you’re in the same boat as me, I’ve got good news for you! Capcom is giving away a whole mess of the stuff between now and May 4, 2020. Now’s the time to log in and get it, before you forget!

The gift comes courtesy of the official Monster Hunter Twitter account. Unless you follow said account, you might have missed that it’s been running a contest called the Item Battle Tournament! for a few weeks now. During this little community event, users got to vote on popular and rare items to be given away in-game for free. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rigid Dracolite, the most potent of the resource family, took the top spot. That means the developer is giving out double the promised amount for you to pump into Awakened Weapons to your heart’s content!

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Dracolite, if you’re not familiar, is a rare resource only available in MHW as part of the Safi’Jiva siege. You dump it into equipment you get from said siege (called Awakened Weapons) to roll for random skills. Since Awakened Weapons are some of the best in the game, with the right rolls, you need lots of Dracolite. And the process takes a while since the siege is just that: a siege. It takes multiple runs against the same monster just for a chance to get a good haul of Dracolite. And since the skills are random, there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want. In which case… it’s time to farm more Dracolite.

MHW has walked this back a bit with the recent inclusion of Raging Brachydios. This new, non-event monster has some of the all-time best weapons in the game. And the promise of Master Rank Kulve Taroth bringing our old Kjarr gear from base MHW could add even more variety. Not to mention next month sees an entirely different Elder Dragon, Alatreon, enter the Monster Hunter World… world. There’s a lot more to look forward to then just farming Dracolite.

But Safi’Jiva gear will likely never fall completely out of favor. If it follows in the golden footsteps of Kulve Taroth, the previous siege monster, it’ll get an even more powerful variant with even better weapons down the line. And there’s a good chance we’ll need even more Dracolite for that. The 10 Rigid Dracolite we can get right now is nothing to sneeze at!

Speaking of which: you don’t have to do much to claim your reward. Just log into MHW sometime between now and May 4. That’s it! It’s one of the many special item packs Capcom likes to throw players as a login bonus. It doesn’t come alone, either. You’ll also get 20 Gourmet Vouchers to spend at the canteen, six Gold Melding Tickets for Level 4 Decorations at the Elder Melder, and two Celestial Wyverian Prints to turn into raw monster materials of your choosing. It’s a pretty nifty deal! But hell if I’m not most excited for that elusive rock…


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