Metro: Exodus Gets a PUBG Mobile Crossover Two Years After Launch

PUBG Mobile metro system, please?

If Halloween and the rest of this year haven’t been enough of a nightmare for you, strap in: there’s a Metro: Exodus and PUBG Mobile crossover on the horizon. Word of the Battle Royale franchise partnering up with the hit novel-inspired FPS horror/thriller surfaced a concerning three months ago, and after months of radio silence on the matter, a recent tweet suggests the event is imminent. We still don’t know exactly what form it will take or when it will land, but the crossover campaign is still very much a thing.

Back in early August, the 20-second video clip depicted showed virtually no footage from PUBG Mobile itself. It began with a pan across a winter wasteland with the series’ staple gas mask on the floor before splicing in Metro: Exodus gameplay, highlighting the game’s jump scares and overall horror themes. Without much context, it played out like nothing more than a trailer promoting a game that came out in February 2019. It could easily have been teasing a Halloween event, but given Infection mode returned in its place, the timing clearly wasn’t meant to be.

The most recent development on the subject of a Metro: Exodus x PUBG Mobile event stems from a tweet posted on Halloween. The shot, adorned with logos of both games, showed an average subway entrance tunnel complete with three escalators. Though the initial teaser predates Call of Duty‘s recent subway update, it could turn out to use a similar approach, giving players a new way to explore an existing map by hopping on an underground train. Filling the tunnels with Metro’s signature mutants to block the path, it could create a real risk vs reward dynamic for quickly traversing the map. It’s all speculation, though. Even after the crossover’s reemergence three months after the initial reveal, we still don’t know when exactly the event will take place, or in what form. All we can really do is wait and see. And right now, maybe that’s the scariest thing of all.

This is far from the first time PUBG Mobile has collaborated with other popular video games and pop culture franchises – many of which have focused on horror elements. Back in early 2019, Resident Evil 2 got a lengthy in-game campaign that introduced some of PUBG Mobile‘s best limited-time modes. Before the event ended, iconic enemies from the Capcom franchise could be found and defeated in the Survive Till Dawn mode. Afterward, they were simply switched out for generic creatures before the mode was retired seemingly for good months later.

Since then, the theatrical release of Godzilla: King of Monsters saw a crossover campaign run for a time. While it didn’t offer much in the way of brand-new content, it did offer some light fanservice and in-game memorabilia for kaiju fans. More recently, AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead struck a deal to offer time-limited character skins. Though even another zombie-focused franchise couldn’t convince Tencent to bring actual zombies back into the game. Curiously, both franchises have since partnered up with Wizards of the Coast on Magic: The Gathering crossovers to mixed reception.

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