Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Announced

The Battle Network series is finally getting a collection of games, as announced at today's Nintendo Direct.

Today’s Nintendo Direct, which was announced to be a shorter third-party Direct focused on non-Nintendo titles, definitely had a very quiet crowd-pleaser waiting in the wings. The oft-requested Mega Man Battle Network series is finally seeing a revival of sorts on the Nintendo Switch in the form of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which combines ten games from the Battle Network series across a split package.

The Mega Man series has seen no shortage of collections recently. The entire Mega Man X also series split a Legacy Collection banner into two titles. Both Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX and ZXA did the opposite, combining both series into a single banner for modern platforms. Mega Man Battle Network is the last major Mega Man spinoff series to get a Legacy Collection, so fans have been asking repeatedly for the RPGs to get ported in a similar way to the other games.

Editor’s Note: Imran neglected to mention the deeply excellent Mega Man Legends in his list of “major” Mega Man spinoffs, so I’m going in and adding it now for posterity. I’m sure he deeply regrets this key omission and wants a new or Mega Man Legends or at least a Mega Man Legends re-release as badly as any other person with good taste. – Steven

mega man battle network

The Game Boy Advance series is well-loved by fans due to both its unique take on Mega Man and its incredibly unique battle system. Encounters are fought on a 3×6 grid, with each player receiving three tiles across to move and attack. Attacks are then shuffled out as cards — chips in the cyber-world of Battle Network — and used in an action-gameplay scenario. That is to say, if you missed your Mega Cannon shot, you missed it and wasted that chip. Whoops!

There have been a few independent attempts to revive the Mega Man: Battle Network style of gameplay in the last few years. Such as the brutally difficult but well-received One Step From Eden in 2020. Yet this is the first time Capcom has re-released the original series on modern hardware.


Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is being released on the Switch next year.