Mass Effect’s Happy Ending Mod Returns for the Legendary Edition

And it works with other beloved fan content, too.

The Mass Effect Trilogy’s resurgence gives me a little decade-old deja vu, and the mod scene certainly reflects that. Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod (AHEM) joins a long list of popular fan-made changes making the jump from the original collection to BioWare’s new Legendary Edition, giving players a fifth alternative for Shepard’s final moments. If you’re avoiding Mass Effect 3 spoilers, don’t read ahead.

AHEM takes Mass Effect 3’s ending sequence to the cutting board by splicing, completely removing, and adding in new moments to the finale’s Destroy ending. It’s perfect for the folks who weren’t happy with any ambiguity around Shepard’s fate, expanding upon BioWare’s last gasping moment from the Commander and turning it into a search-and-rescue operation. Shepard then returns to the memorial scene to pay tribute to Anderson, and your romantic partner offers a consoling hug instead.

The Normandy crew’s happy ending also says goodbye to the Catalyst. AHEM completely removes conversations with the AI after Shepard’s final scene with Anderson and explains the new direction through Codex additions. Audemus notes the lore change was “inspired by Mass Effect Codex writer Chris Hepler’s intended direction for the Crucible.” It’s one Hepler has explained before, opting to move away from ideas around “space magic” and resolve the conflict through a nuclear superweapon that only destroys certain objects.

Audemus makes a few other thoughtful adjustments, too. Scenes from the Synthetic ending are added in, giving us Edi and the Geth even though the Reapers meet their Destroy fate. There’s also an extended moment with Anderson, which comes from another mod, that includes dialogue BioWare cut and never restored to the original game. AHEM even plays nice with Mass Effect’s More Gay Romances mod, and you can install Audemus’ work mid-playthrough.

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The original Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod launched seven years ago, but AHEM is available now to bring changes to your Legendary Edition adventure on Nexus Mods. I’m not super keen on changing the ending myself, but recognizing Anderson, the greatest dad in the galaxy, and my modded Mass Effect 3 file where I get to smooch Miranda as FemShep does make it a tempting package.