Mass Effect Cast and Developers to Reunite in Legendary Edition Stream

The closest we're getting to a real life Citadel DLC.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters are ten days away from launch as of this writing, and several members of the series’ voice cast and the original development team are getting together for another celebratory stream. Last time this happened was an incredibly emotional reunion where the cast spoke pretty profoundly about the series’ impact. So hopefully this will be just as affecting for long-time fans.

The stream will take place on May 15 at 12 noon Pacific Time, and will be hosted on female Commander Shepard voice actor Jennifer Hale’s YouTube channel. The full line-up is as follows:

  • Jennifer Hale – Female Commander Shepard
  • Ali Hillis – Liara T’Soni
  • Alix Wilton Regan – Samantha Traynor
  • Mark Meer – Male Commander Shepard
  • Courtenay Taylor – Jack
  • DC Douglas – Legion
  • Fred Tatasciore – Saren Arterius
  • Keythe Farley – Thane Krios
  • Kimberly Brooks – Ashley Williams
  • Raphael Sbarge – Kaidan Alenko
  • Steve Blum – Grunt
  • William Salyers – Mordin Solus
  • Mac Walters – Writer
  • Crystal McCord – Producer
  • Melanie Faulknor – Producer
  • Caroline Livingstone – Voice Director
  • Patrick Weekes – Writer
  • Karin Weekes – Writer

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While the majority of the actors will be looking back at the series in retrospect, Hillis at least has some role in the series’ future, as Liara T’Soni appears to be part of whatever’s next for the franchise. In just what capacity is unclear, but she’s also the only character that can’t die across the trilogy, short of getting a bad ending. So it makes sense that Bioware would rely on her as a dependable constant.

The Mass Effect: Legendary remasters will be bringing Bioware’s science fiction trilogy to modern consoles, and making those games more modern was a pretty big undertaking for the team. From making some substantial gameplay changes to the first game to updating the visuals of all three games across the board. I’m gonna take a bunch of pictures of those updated visuals, as well, because Bioware has confirmed the Legendary Edition will have a photo mode.

If you’re looking for some more coverage of Mass Effect as we head into the Legendary Edition next week, be sure to check out our three-part retrospective on 99 Potions, Fanbyte’s RPG podcast.