Here’s How Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Run on Different Consoles

That's a lot of performance options.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is bringing a substantial visual update to Bioware’s science fiction trilogy, and that also raises questions of how the games will perform on modern hardware. EA and Bioware have released a breakdown of resolution and framerate updates, and it looks like the remasters will have two performance options on console: favor framerate and favor quality.

Games giving this kind of option is becoming pretty standard fair, but if you’ve not played a game like this before, this means you’ll be able to choose between whether or not the game puts more power into the framerate, allowing smoother play, or the visual fidelity, which can sacrifice framerate for just generally looking better all around. The more powerful the system you’re playing on, the higher the framerate and visual fidelity can go without you having to make concessions. The breakdown Bioware released reads as follows:

As far as consoles go, the Xbox Series X has the best framerate if it’s favoring that, able to run all three games at 120 frames-per-second. But doing so drops the 4K resolution, which every console other than the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can reach if they favor quality. Ultimately, it comes down to what your preferences are.

PC players will depend on their build, but Bioware confirmed high-end PCs “can play up to 240 fps and supporting refresh rates up to 240 Hz” and players will be able to “tweak several graphics options at any time to finetune the preferred balance of graphics and performance.”

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is launching on May 14. For more coverage of the trilogy as we head into launch, be sure to check out 99 Potions, Fanbyte’s RPG podcast, where we had three retrospective episodes about each game.


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