Mass Effect’s Latest Choice Report Reveals Which Endings Players Are Picking

Also, who are you people nominating Udina?

It’s N7 Day, BioWare’s yearly celebration of the original Mass Effect trilogy and Andromeda that sometimes brings bigger beats on the series’ next moves. This year, BioWare continues the trend of showing how wrong or right some of us are while playing through the new Legendary Edition with an updated infographic of choices. If you’re passionate about which ending is best or about what happens to the Council, it’s a pretty neat read.

The Council decisions aren’t surprising. In the first game, Shepard spends their time begging the Citadel’s governing forces to understand the threat to the universe extends beyond just the first big baddy, Saren. There’s no real convincing them that the impending Reaper invasion is an actual crisis, so the committee is left vulnerable when it all comes to a head. You can either save the Council or abandon them to Sovereign. It seems most players chose to save them at 69 percent, so the remainder let them perish.

Destroying a Council that has no interest in the threat looming over their people was usually my path, but Mass Effect just asks you to replace them later on, so I have no real strong reactions there. However, those of you who did let them die were more divided on their replacement, with 59 percent opting to install a new alien-led Council, and the rest prioritized human leadership.

Shepard also gets to nominate either Anderson, beloved space dad, or Udina, actual monster-person and human terrorist ally, to the Council as humanity’s first representative. If you do save the Citadel Council and have a say, then almost everyone picked Anderson as humanity’s ambassador. Still, there’s a concerning 6 percent of y’all out there who looked at Udina and said, “yeah, this is a guy I’d trust.”

There’s a section for Mass Effect 3’s endings too, but public conversations around those options are notoriously awful. A decade ago, backlash over Shepard’s final choices in the journey drove the studio into making an Extended Cut. A lot of that vitriol took aim at BioWare over using the colors red, blue, and green to identify decisions. This time around, the Legendary Edition came packaged with that Extended Cut and a 17/20/45 split amongst players on the Control, Synthesis, and Destroy, ends respectively. That leaves 8 percent who refused to choose.

The most predictable, but my favorite, reveal is that we’ve all collectively united over Garrus. The studio said 85 percent of the Legendary Edition’s players recruited the sniper, and 65 percent imported a Shepard from previous games—maybe that means a good chunk of you enjoyed his arc from aimless little Turian to angsty vigilante. Me too.

As for the rest of the stats, BioWare broke down how loyalty shaped up amongst your squadmates. It’s a list that shares influences from those who survived the Suicide Mission, which was revealed in July. Garrus comes in as the most loyal to everyone while Mordin brings in the rear, but no one drops below 90 percent. Some confrontations in Mass Effect 2 are sort of easy to miss and can screw up your shot at keeping some squadmates with you, so the overwhelmingly good report is a little surprising.

Most of us also welcomed Diana Allers onboard the Normandy, and I am embarrassingly among the 23 percent of folks who do not rename Shepard. The difficulty graphs are a little all over the place, but Bioware’s breakdown shows most folks can’t be bothered to die over and over again on the hardest settings.

BioWare ends its blog post acknowledging the next Mass Effect project is still on the way. There’s nothing to say on it just yet, but we did get a trailer during last year’s Game Awards. I’m fine waiting, replaying the Legendary Edition, and correctly choosing Synthesis for the rest of my life.