Devil May Cry Voice Actor Might Have Leaked a Capcom Fighting Game

V might be making his Capcom vs. debut soon.

NDA’s and embargos can be a tricky business for some people. Sometimes people post about working on major projects on their LinkedIn, forget to check the background of photos before they post them online, or in some wild cases, people work on video game assets in public places like on airplanes to be seen and shared online by someone who just happens to catch a glimpse of them. This time, Brian Hanford, who voices the new character V in Devil May Cry V, may have just leaked that his character will be appearing in a new Capcom vs. game.

The tweet, which we’ve screenshotted below just in case it’s deleted soon, is short on details, but it sounds like whatever Capcom’s working on will feature V in some capacity, whether it’s as a playable character or some other kind of cameo.

While many are speculating this could be the next in the popular Marvel vs. Capcom series, which has been dormant for a little bit after the launch of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite in 2017, it’s worth noting that Capcom has crossed over with other properties for fighting games in the past as well, including Tatsunoko anime series and SNK fighting games. But Marvel vs. Capcom has been the most consistently supported in the sub-series over the years, with eight games in total counting both mainline games and updated editions. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was featured at EVO between 2011 and 2017. Infinite, however, was never featured at EVO, making 2018 the first year the tournament didn’t feature a game in the series.

In other news:

The Marvel vs. Capcom series has featured a wide variety of Capcom characters over the years, from Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, to some more off the wall choices like Frank West from Dead Rising and Phoenix Wright. V’s fighting style will likely make use of the demons he fights with in Devil May Cry V, or he could [SPOILERS] be part of Vergil’s moveset in a setup along the lines of Zelda and Sheik in Super Smash Bros. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Capcom’s up to.

In the meantime, the fighting game side of Capcom is still supporting Street Fighter V, having just launched the Champion Edition earlier this week. It features all the content of the base game, as well as all the stages and fighters released over the past four years since it launched in 2016.

For more on Devil May Cry V and the character of V, check out Fanbyte’s review. If you’ve only recently jumped into the game, or are considering doing so soon before this hypothetical new fighting game, check out our guides as well, which go over topics like how to get a rocket launcher and just general tips the game doesn’t really make apparent to you your first time through.


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