Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is On Sale for 15 Bucks Right Now

The delightful tactics game is all the way on sale for the Switch.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is one of the best games from 2017. I mean that. I’m very sad that the friendly, weirdly funny and truly deep tactics game starring… Rabbids and the Mario crew… didn’t do as well in our Game of the Decade coverage as it clearly deserved, but it’s ok. Because you can grab it for $15 right now in Nintendo’s winter sale.

I don’t usually cover sales, per se, but this is a wonderful excuse to look at the game that helped to awaken the latent Baby Tactics Gamer inside me. I picked up this game in its very fun co-op mode, then fell all the way in love with it over the fall and winter of 2017. The 2018 Donkey Kong DLC is also fabulous (and also on sale right now, for an additional $7.49). 

This also comes at the perfect time, since, well, the January release schedule is looking a little thin at the moment. If you haven’t had the chance to dip in, well, now’s your chance to play as a Rabbit dressed as Luigi who uses a “vampire” gun.


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