MachineGames is Making an Indiana Jones Game With an Original Story

At least the protagonist still likes to fight Nazis.

MachineGames, known best for its work on the modern Wolfenstein games, is making a pretty dramatic shift with one of its next games: an Indiana Jones adaptation.

All the studio and publisher Bethesda had to show at the time of announcement was a very brief teaser trailer showing a messy desk covered in notes, a map, a typewriter, and other very Indiana Jones things like his iconic hat and whip. There are also references to Bethesda and MachineGames, like the companies’ logo and name appearing in some of Indiana’s materials. Beyond the trailer, Bethesda also confirmed in a tweet that MachineGames would be writing an original story for the project, meaning it wouldn’t be based on any of the movies or other media the franchise has put out since it began in the early 1980s. Bethesda’s Todd Howard will act as executive producer, and Lucasfilm Games will be collaborating on the game. From the sound of it, MachineGames’ take on Indiana Jones is a ways off, as Bethesda says it will be “some time” before there’s more to reveal on the project.

Check out the teaser below:

Beyond that? We don’t really know anything. MachineGames has worked primarily on first-person shooters, but at a glance, that doesn’t seem the right direction for an Indiana Jones game. Maybe the studio will move in the direction of an action adventure game like Uncharted, or it could be something else entirely in order to avoid direct comparisons. Funnily enough, the Uncharted series, which has been compared to Indiana Jones for basically its entire run, is being adapted into a film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. It all comes full circle.

In other news:

The next big question is whether or not this Indiana Jones game will be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms, as Bethesda and all its studios were acquired by the Xbox and Windows company last September. Normally this would mean this game would obviously only come to Xbox and Windows, but Microsoft has put games like the Minecraft series on other platforms because that’s how you sell the most copies. We’re still in the early days of Bethesda being a Microsoft company, so it’s unclear what approach it will be taking when it comes to whether or not games like Indiana Jones, or even the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout will come to PlayStation or Nintendo platforms in the coming years. As of right now, Microsoft is honoring exclusivity deals PlayStation had in place prior to the acquisition, specifically Deathloop and Ghost Wire: Tokyo, which were both meant to be timed exclusives for PlayStation 5. Ultimately, we’re in an uncertain time for Bethesda, because it had a lot of things already in motion before Microsoft acquired the company and its various studios last year, so it may be some time before we really know what form its future takes.