Lost Ark Quickly Breaks Steam Concurrent Player Records, Holds Second Place Spot

Lost Ark is only second to PUBG for all-time concurrent player records.

Lost Ark is soaring past some of Steam’s biggest titles and now sits as the second most concurrently played game on the platform. At the time of publishing this article, the MMO is hovering around 1.3 million concurrent users—making it second to only PUBG: Battlegrounds in terms of highest concurrent player counts.

According to SteamDB (via Kotaku), Lost Ark is quickly climbing the ranks of Steam’s most played games for concurrent users. During the MMORPG’s early access period, which began February 8, Lost Ark consistently hovered around 500,000 players during peak hours. However, even after server woes and a briefly delayed launch on February 11, those numbers took a sharp turn up, and Smilegate’s free-to-play RPG joined the very short list of games to surpass 1 million concurrent users on Steam.

It’s only taken 24 hours for Lost Ark to surpass its competition like the other Amazon-published MMO New World, which peaked around 900,000 concurrents. Cyberpunk 2077, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are among the few Steam games with over 1 million players at their peak—and also among those passed up by Lost Ark just within the day.

While those numbers don’t seem to be climbing quite as fast now that Smilegate’s MMO has surged into the top two, it seems wildly unlikely that Lost Ark will dethrone PUBG with its all-time peak of 3.2 million players online. Regardless, the game is still sitting comfortably above the rest with the most folks online at this moment.

It’s kind of an interesting phenomenon to watch—I wouldn’t have believed even just a few years ago that we’d see three MMORPGs quickly rise in a surge of players. Given the nature of the genre, they’re notoriously hard to make, keep up, and sustain, and it’s difficult to track all of the MMOs I’ve picked up and dropped over the years. Whether or not Lost Ark sticks around remains to be seen, and the aforementioned  New World has already tapered off to 50,000 concurrents. Final Fantasy XIV—my MMO of choice for the last decade—only trails in with an all-time peak of 95,000 concurrent players on Steam, but that’s also split across three clients, and the game continues to be Square Enix’s most profitable endeavor.