Lord Help Me, I’m Thinking About Buying a $2000 Last of Us Guitar [UPDATE]

Don't judge me.

Update, 6/22/2020: I did it.

Original story follows:

We are in the middle of a pandemic and that quarantine brain is getting to me. You know how I know this? PlayStation is selling a guitar made to look like Ellie’s in The Last of Us: Part II, and my god, I have looked at its expensive price tag and didn’t immediately think “absolutely not.”

The guitar is up for pre-order right now for $2,299.00 before taxes and shipping, and is developed by Taylor, a respected guitar manufacturer. So not only would I get a game-accurate replica of Ellie’s guitar to have in my general proximity during these trying times, but I would have a good game-accurate replica of Ellie’s guitar.

Friends, I haven’t played guitar in close to a decade at this point. In a previous life, I was working toward a career as a music teacher, and guitar was one of the instruments I was relatively proficient at. I wasn’t great, and had a lot of bad habits that I needed to unlearn, but even this many years removed, I can listen to half of my favorite bands discographies and the muscle memory can kick in. If you put a guitar in my hands right now I could probably play you a majority of Coheed & Cambria’s “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One, From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness,” or at least parts of all of those songs.

But being quarantined has me thinking about other ways to spend my time that aren’t just writing here at Fanbyte period com and playing video games that will eventually result in me writing more stuff here at Fanbyte period com. I haven’t played music or really created in that space since before I began my career in journalism, and I always told myself that once I got well and established that I would use my newfound free time to get back into music. So…is this fate’s way of bringing all of this together, to give me a reason to play the guitar again now that I’m a full-time journalist and have an abundance of free time because of the pandemic?

Probably not, but the idea sure sounds romantic, huh?

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The Last of Us: Part II is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and Ellie’s guitar playing is a recurring mini-game throughout. As it turns out, you can play some pretty elaborate stuff with what it gives you, and Fanbyte freelancer Cian Maher managed to play some impressive covers over at VG24/7.

We’ll be recording our spoilercast for the game later today, where we’ll finally be able to dig into the game’s story in a meaningful way, which we haven’t been able to do thanks to the game’s hefty embargo. This was pretty much an extension of how Naughty Dog has marketed the game up to this point, by that I mean doing everything in its power to hide the truth of its game.