Let’s Keep Expectations in Check for This Week’s State of Play

No, Sony is not trying to surprise you by telling you something won't be there.

If I’ve learned one thing in all my years being around video games, it’s that there are some out there that believe that when a company plainly states what a planned presentation is going to be, it’s actually a trick and this means that there’s some hidden surprise awaiting them at the end. Not only is there a super secret announcement, but it’s gonna be specifically the continuation of a franchise they want to see. Anything else is a betrayal of our consumerist sensibilities. So as we head into Sony’s upcoming State of Play this week, let’s do our best to quell that particular reaction, yeah?

Sony has announced that it’s holding a new State of Play presentation on Thursday, August 6 at 1 p.m. Pacific, and in the announcement it very clearly says that there won’t be any “big” PlayStation 5 announcements during the stream. This means if you were hoping for a price, confirmation that pre-orders are up now, or an announcement of the return of a huge PlayStation IP for the new system, you have been told more than 72 hours prior that this is not the case.

Yet, right under the announcement tweet, there’s a response asking for a reveal of a sequel to 2018’s God of War.


No, this will not be the time to hear more about what’s next for Kratos, or even already announced PlayStation 5 games like Spider-man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West. Sony says that this will be primarily for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR announcements, as well as some of the third-party games shown during the PlayStation 5 showcase back in June. On the PlayStation Blog, the company says in no uncertain terms that none of its first-party studios will be showing off anything this week:

“And just to be super clear — there will be no PlayStation Studios updates in Thursday’s episode. There won’t be any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates either. On Thursday, our focus is squarely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem.”

This isn’t an exclusively Sony problem, as the hype and speculation cycles tend to make people forget that no presentation can contain every possible announcement anyone wants to hear. So even when Sony or Nintendo let everyone know to not expect something, there will always be people upset that big corporations weren’t just pulling their leg and wanted to surprise them like it was birthday present for them, specifically.

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While this showcase might not be the PlayStation 5 blowout people are hoping for after the last one in June, Sony is getting close enough to the console’s holiday 2020 launch window that it’s gotta be planning something in the next month or so, I’d think. This morning the company also confirmed what PlayStation 4 accessories will be compatible with the new console, so even if it’s not a stream or presentation, Sony is still releasing new information about the PlayStation 5 through other means.


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