The Next Stage of Capitalism is Lego Mario Crying Out for Lego Luigi

Sounds like Mario's little brother is getting the Lego treatment. And Mario's sad he's not here yet.

As part of the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo entered a partnership with Lego to create new building sets based on the series. It was a pretty neat set, and let you create levels to play using the Mario figure. The figure of the jumping plumber has a tiny screen on his chest that indicates things like coin collection and damage, but he also can speak. And apparently, a new firmware update (for a toy because we live in weird times) gives him a couple new voices lines. They make him cry out for his brother Luigi. Who, as of this writing, hasn’t been announced as a Lego figurine yet.

As a person who grew up on Toy Story and has yet to entirely shake the lingering feeling that my toys all had feelings and went through some shit when I left my bedroom, I’m fully aware that this kind of thing can make a kid act in ways like begging a parent or guardian to buy a hypothetical Luigi figure because “Mario is sad.” Which is probably what Lego is counting on. It’s likely Luigi and Mario will have some kind of interactions with each other if you have both figures, but will it be enough to cure Mario’s loneliness?

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Since the firmware update made Mario cry out to his long-lost brother, Lego news site The Brick Fan spotted a since-removed listing for a Lego Luigi starter pack called Adventures of Luigi. The set has all the bricks you need to create a new level akin to the original Mario one, as well as a figure of the big guy himself that has the screen and speaker like his brother. At least Mario will have someone to chat with if you fork over the probably very expensive asking price to bring him home.