Large Man Pressures Indie Developer Young Horses to Add Trophies to DLC

The Bugsnax DLC is apparently getting trophies thanks to one man's good-hearted badgering.

Bugsnax, the PlayStation 5 launch game that also appeared on PlayStation 4 and PC, is getting new DLC soon as seen on the latest State of Play. TitledĀ Isle of Bigsnax, the free update adds new bugsnax, giant versions of new and existing bugsnax, a new area, a hut in the village to customize, new sidequests, and tiny little hats for the bugsnax themselves.

Last week, developer Young Horses ran down the features for the new expansion. Professional loudmouth and Kinda Funny CEO Greg Miller ignored all those additions to ask one simple question: can he use this to get new trophies? Young Horses replied that, no, that’s not in the cards this time.

The lack of new trophies makes sense. It’s a free expansion that they’re not making money on, Sony has some decidedly arcane rules for trophies and what can get platinums that they have eased over the years but have never fully ceded control, trophies are kind of an odd luxury here.

Miller threatened to write the list for Young Horses and, after a few exchanges, Young Horses President & CEO Philip Tibitotski tweeted that the team was discussing adding trophies in a meeting that day. So of course, we interviewed Greg to ask him about the new trophy situation.

This article isn’t going to work particularly well if he deletes this tweet, but I’m willing to take that risk.