Koch Media Unveils Prime Matter, a New Publishing Label

The new label seems to focus primarily on AA games.

Creating sub-labels for your publishing entity seems to be all the rage these days. Take-Two has multiple ones, such as the indie publishing label of Private Division, as it allows different goals and guidelines for different kinds of projects. That seems to be the angle Koch Media, owners of Deep Silver, seem to be taking at least. The German-Austrian company today unveiled Prime Matter, a new publishing label for the company that largely seems to focus on AA games.

From an early briefing with Koch Media, the following games were revealed to fall under Prime Matter’s new purview:

  • Payday 3 from Starbreeze, which is described as a “full-fledged social heist universe”
  • CrossFire Legion from Blackbird Interactive, coming in 2022
  • King’s Bounty II for PC & Consoles, including the Switch
  • The Last Oricru, an action RPG with couch co-op and dynamic storytelling
  • Encased, a Divinity-like with a Fallout sense of humor coming to PC in September
  • Gungrave G.O.R.E. from Studio IGGYMOB, releasing on PC & Consoles in 2022
  • Brass Token, a spooky game from The Chant coming to PC & Consoles in 2022
  • Final Form from Reikon games, a single- and multiplayer game coming to PC & Consoles
  • Dolmen from Massive Work Studios, a third-person action game with Lovecraft/Geiger influence and a definite Dead Space vibe, targeting 2022 for PC & Consoles
  • Echos of the End from Myrkur Games, coming to PC and new gen consoles, no current release targets but it is running on Unreal Engine 5
  • Scars Above is a third-person shooter that bears a striking resemblance to Returnal
  • A new Painkiller game is on the way, but there’s literally no details so far.

A great number of these games have already been announced or might even currently be in Early Access, but it’s an interesting look at where Prime Matter seems to want to take their publishing label in the future.


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