Katy Perry’s Pokemon Music Video is Super Cute

Greatness from small beginnings.

The Pokemon Company is making another move in its music-themed celebration of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. And it’s one it teased months ago: Katy Perry’s contribution. While the song is a “Prism” era esque inspirational pop song (not my favorite era of her’s, personally) the music video that accompanies “Electric” is incredibly fucking cute.

The video shows Perry and her partner Pikachu time traveling and seeing younger versions of themselves in what’s meant to represent an early point in her music career. While the younger singer is finding herself in a rough patch, her (then) Pichu helps to inspire her to keep going. Then the older pair does some meddling to help Perry find her way to a talent show with a bigger audience. The whole things plays into the hokey but well-intentioned lyrics, and did elicit a few “awwwwws” from me. Check it out below:

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The Pokemon Company’s musical tributes to the franchise have been pretty fun so far. Back in February, Post Malone held a virtual concert that had an animated version of the singer performing with a changing backdrop of different environments from the Pokemon universe. It was a great music video, even if the live show side of things didn’t always translate.

Outside of music, the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary has included some game announcements and releases, as well. New Pokemon Snap launched at the end of last month, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are coming to Switch later this year. One thing we might not be seeing this year is any news of a Detective Pikachu sequel, as star Justice Smith doesn’t sound too optimistic the live action film is getting a direct follow-up.


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