Kate Bishop Kicks off the New Content for Marvel’s Avengers in December

The likable person who uses the bow in the cast is on her way.

Kate Bishop, the world-class archer and adept swordsman who is Clint Barton’s protégé, is coming to Marvel’s Avengers on December 8. Fans of the Crystal Dynamics game can look forward to playing as the carrier of the Hawkeye mantle at no additional cost. She is the game’s first DLC Super Hero and will kick off its new post-launch content.

Back in mid-October, Kate was said to have been delayed along with the next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers. For fans, she’s likely coming sooner than most of them anticipated. While searching for her former mentor, she uncovers a huge conspiracy involving the missing Nick Fury and the new threat that is the Super Adaptoid. In order to get to the bottom of whatever is happening, which involves time travel shenanigans, she joins the Avengers.

Considering she’s Clint’s understudy, the team balanced incorporating enough similarities in her kit to establish the connection while also making her be her own unique character. She’s a mix of high agility, quantum energy, archery, and swordsmanship. For an in-depth exploration of her kit, you can read the original announcement post that was published earlier this week or watch the nine-minute deep dive video at the end of this article. The team has shared its plans to release Clint, the other Hawkeye — kinda love that he’s The Other One, not gonna lie — as a playable character in early 2021.

Kate is voiced by Ashly Burch, who you might know from her past roles as Chloe Price in Life is Strange, Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Tiny Tina in Borderlands.

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It hasn’t been an easy time for the developers of Marvel’s Avengers, or the game’s fans, so it’s good to see the new content coming earlier than was perhaps commonly expected. A little over a month after its release, Marvel’s Avengers had an average of a mere 2,000 PC players. At one point in the same week, the number dipped below 1,000. This prompted Crystal Dynamics’ Head of Studio, Scot Amos, to write a statement outlining future plans to entice players to return to the game. In those plans, the newly announced content was mentioned.

“In addition, we’ve announced two new Heroes coming in the near future: Kate Bishop in Operation: Taking AIM, and after that the double-feature Operation starring Clint Barton… this is the ‘two Hawkeyes’ we mentioned in the last War Table,” wrote Amos. “These new Operations pick up right from where the main Reassemble campaign ended in the core game and will propel the overall world story forward with new mysteries and villains, as well as new multi-player content.”

Slightly over a week after this statement, Crystal Dynamics announced it had moved the game’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S launches to next year, outside of the consoles’ release windows.

At the time, the average number of PC players within the last 30 days was slightly above 4,400. As of the writing of this article, that number has gone down to an average of 813 players in the last 30 days. In early November, it was reported that the volumes of the game sold made up just 60% of publisher Square Enix’s plans for sales, costing the company 6.5 billion yen in losses. (That is approximately $62,882,742). The total cost of the game was likely anywhere between $170 million to $190 million, but it only sold about $3 million.

The timelines for other known future DLC characters, like Spider-Man and Black Panther, remain to be seen. While it’ll take plenty of work for Marvel’s Avengers to gain a large player base again, this will be the development studio’s first step in trying to make that happen. The team has surely faced many challenges while shipping a live-service game in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I hope this will be the start of the comeback fans are waiting for.