Judgment Sequel Coming From Sega’s RGG Studio

The Yakuza team is bringing Lost Judgment worldwide as its premiere brawler series.

Not that it was all that hidden, but Sega has finally revealed Lost Judgment, the sequel to their 2019 Yakuza spinoff and recent remaster, Judgment. In this brand new title, protagonist Yagami leaves the lights and bustle of Kamurocho to visit Ijincho, where Yakuza: Like a Dragon took place because the RGG Studio is nothing if not efficient about reusing assets. More importantly, Lost Judgment will ship simultaneously worldwide on September 24 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

You can see the fairly lengthy English trailer below.

As assumed, Lost Judgment keeps the action brawler style that the first game had and every Yakuza title until Like a Dragon also shared. In the latter game, protagonist Ichiban was obsessed with Dragon Quest and viewed the world as a turn-based battle system, which manifested in the game’s combat. In an interview with IGN, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi confirmed that the genre schism between the two series will be codified as intentional now, with Judgment games getting the action brawler style and Yakuza remaining a turn-based RPG.

It’s only a few short months until Lost Judgment releases worldwide, so if you’re hoping to catch up on the original, you have a Summer in which to do so.


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