Ed Boon Wants John Wick to Commit Violent Murders in Mortal Kombat 11

That's one way to get Keanu Reeves into your game.

NetherRealm Studios is no stranger to crossover characters in its fighting games. Recently Mortal Kombat 11’s Fighter Pack was revealed and it includes characters like the Terminator and the Joker as guest fighters. The studio’s last game, Injustice 2, also featured other big names like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hellboy paying a visit in the DC Universe. Well according to an interview with Meu PS4 (via GameRant), Director Ed Boon wants to see John Wick from, you know, John Wick make an appearance as a playable fighter.

It’s not an unprecedented thing for Keanu Reeves’ character, who not only made an appearance in Fortnite back in May, but is starring in his own game called John Wick: Hex, a turn-based strategy game by Bithell Games. Not to mention Reeves has been allowing his likeness into other games like Cyberpunk: 2077, even presenting CD Projekt Red’s RPG at Microsoft’s E3 conference. But putting Wick in Mortal Kombat 11, as exciting as that might sound to any Reeves super fan, comes with its own baggage of having to watch him being obliterated by every character in the game’s brutal Fatalities. Sure, he might get to do some stylish murdering too, but is that worth watching him get gutted and other awful things? Probably not.

Even now with the Terminator added as DLC, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets absolutely destroyed in each finishing move. With every character based on the likeness of a real person, Mortal Kombat’s brand of over-the-top violence might become a little more unsettling for some. (Like me.)

Other than Wick, Boon also listed dream fighters like Neo from The Matrix, another Keanu Reeves character who almost appeared as DLC for Injustice 2 before a deal fell through, as well as a character from the Street Fighter franchise, but Boon didn’t specify who specifically he’d like to see. But Street Fighter also doesn’t escalate to Mortal Kombat levels of violence, so who knows if Capcom would ever sign off on Ryu showing up to fight Scorpion if it meant watching him go through the meat grinder of a Fatality.

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