Jack From Final Fantasy Origin Has a Soft Side, Likes Frank Sinatra

He contains multitudes.

Oh shit, Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin really snuck up on us, huh? I didn’t realize it was a little over a month away until the latest trailer was titled “Final Trailer.” But the action RPG is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on March 18. If you haven’t been paying attention, Final Fantasy Origin stars Jack, and he’s who the internet thinks Shadow the Hedgehog is, and who you probably were during your angsty teen phase. But honestly, the final trailer feels like it’s making a play for you to see a different side of him. Instead of one that wants to kill Chaos and says tier-two cuss words “bullshit.”

Here we see Jack meeting various friends and foes, all of whom seem to want to fuck him. The game’s action-oriented gameplay leans harder into a Devil May Cry art design, as well, with both enemies and environments feeling very evocative of a more gothic horror of that franchise, rather than the fantasy of Final Fantasy proper. What makes the video kind of wild is that Final Fantasy Origin has already got a reputation for its use of music, and this trailer gave me whiplash for its decision to use Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” after going viral for its use of some nu metal nonsense late last year. So we can at least assume that Jack Final Fantasy Origin has an eclectic taste in music and has a softer side

Check out the trailer below:

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